Valget vi bestemmer eller politikerne?

Noen av oss blir født med en appetitt for kunnskap som aldri virker å kunne slukkes. Derimot er en slik gave knyttet til en ganske tung byrde en ikke kjenner før vekten allerede er for stor til å gi slipp.

Dette er snakk om forståelsen av verden som en total.

Desto mer du laser. Desto mer du lærer. Desto mer du forstår, vil verden virke mindre og mindre logisk.

Du vil finne den veldig kaotisk og tider så skremmende dårlig oppbygd at du kan begynne å tenke på kritiske problemer som Fukushima eller vårt eget forsvar. Og spørre deg selv. Er vi på rett spor?

Eller er vi på vei over kanten?

Sett i et historisk perspektiv er det ikke slik at man ser noe verden hvor det var noe bedre. Heller virker det som at det er som de sier i Matrix filmene “Cause and effect”.

En konservativ verden vil alltid ende liberal fordi en kontrast er umulig å unngå

Bare se bakover på hvilke mennesker som har stått ved makten. Når politiske partier er store og når det er tydelig at sesongen snur.

Det er en konservativ bølge vi er inne i, og den vil fortsette de neste tiårene fordi vi vet det er på tide med ansvar.

Det behøves å vurdere om den generelle forståelse blant det norske folk er at liberale er idealister, mens konservative er realister.

Liberale bruker penger på velferd, mens de konservative ønsker å legge ansvaret i individet sin hånd.

Nå vet vi heldigvis at det er nødvendig å ha et velferdssystem i Norge. Og dette er det ingen som vil fjerne i vår levetid. Men det er snakk om hvem som skal stå for å gjøre jobben.

Om det skal fortsette med de offentlige, eller gjøres i samarbeid med privat sektor. Hvor det private eier lokalene og det offentlige driver skolen. Slik som det burde være.

Dette er nemlig en av de mest edruelige metodene for å kunne få oppgradert det norske skolesystemet. .

Vi kan IDAG få inn arbeidsinnvandrere til alle yrker vi behøver flere i. Men vi burde samtidig legge mulighetene for at denne kompetansen skal skapes for fremtiden i Norge.

Er selv politisk uavhengig og ser ikke noe svar på et godt svar som regjering ved dette valget.

Alle partiene som idag er på Stortinget har ikke gjort en fenomenal jobb i å styrke vår overbevisning til å velge den ene veien eller den andre. Det som har endret synet har vært politikken som regjeringen har gjort og folkets mening om hvordan dette har blitt gjort. Det har vært celdig mye som hindret en slik mulighet

Dette valget. Er det første valget vi enkeltindivider kan faktisk påvirke andre nordmenn til å sette seg litt mer inn i hvem Norge skal bli styrt av.

VI vet allerede hvordan alle politikerne vil snakke. Hvordan de vil debattere og hva deres standpunkter er. Vi har hørt dem i tiår.

Vi kan ikke akseptere 8 år fremover i en retning og samtidig reversering av forrige politikk, og så 8 år seinere gjøre det samme om igjen, med en ny politisk retning. Det er en syklus. Sykluser går bare rundt. Vi kommer ingen vei.



Is doomsday an addiction?

In the US there are larger groups still preparing for the Armageddon. A big business that has grown the last decades with a rocket launch after 9/11.

It’s a fascinating topic. People that believe that the world is near the end of times.

When you read about it in the start it seems to be a kind of conclusion to the whole story. Where a character is the judge and the prosecutor of humans.

But now we live in 2013 and the largest doom scares, 21.12.2012 came and went without any effect.  So did many before. One in September with the comet Elenin.

Allegedly there was a fleet of UFO´s behind it that would attack us. Well as the astronomers had expected the comet came to close to the sun angst sucked in.  If there really was an armada of UFO’s behind them the Sun kick’s ASS!

The storytelling from today’s myths are not that different front what you can find of text in similar genre from 1800 or even earlier.

Actually there is similarities between conspiracy theories and religion / myths.

They both have two sides fighting for dominance and off course one of them can be the only winner.

1500 years ago the world was very different. It’s really not that long ago in human history. But technological and cultural the difference is respectful.

They lived with their cattle in the same building. Small communities enclosed by usually a circular fort made by timber pillars that slaves made.

In this reality existence was not about freedom. Freedom came after life. Without this logic their life would be too hard to bear.

It’s been usual to create tales that made life more interesting. We know them as fairytales, but they where more graphical. A lot darker.

It made the world around scarier. Which again kept people in control. But at the same time it made life meaningful. Because the more pain you could handle the more closer you where to heaven. Sin has always been the currency that creates the need for more positive acts. And that has since driven us.

But now life is different. And small groups gather around topics such as)/11 conspiracy or even Titanic. There isn’t really anything that can’t be looked at with a link to this powerful dark enemy one has to win over to keep our power.

One of humans greatest weakness and strength is the inability to reflect over our own values and to use critical thinking to be certain we are right about our conclusions.

There will always be some flaws in our system. But is should be a norm to take another look at this when you’re around 20-30 just to be sure before you use this to be a fully working human that will use this information to do important choices.

We humans are incredible in the ability to make meaning of chaos and to even make more out of it. But when it gets popular a leader will emerge and soon after there will be an attempt on a takeover.

Maybe that is the very conspiracy to keep stupid people on a constant loop for the better of the rest? But if so, is it really?


Survival of the mind – The need for an inner world

The handicap of my challenges are the limits they so strict decide before you have any saying. The irritable bowel syndrome demands a strict intake of food. The chronic pain syndrome where there are phycical limitations.
The anxiety always want smaller limits and become a constant battle that is our guts, the ability to accept the feelings but still go ahead. The only way you win.

Having these limitations makes life that much more demanding. But you have days where its bright, then weeks where its not, because when you are aware of how much that has to be in control in order for normality it can feel as if there is no meaning.Because this mind is not selective but a strict one track mind where you will only get worse when its initiated.

I feel it today and its been lingering for months. There has been other episodes in betweeen, but this one has just lastet almost daily since i don’t know when.
Its a feeling that something is alway missing andi can’t put any word on what that is. In the mind it has to be described as black box in a lighted surrounding where no light seem to have effect. So you know its presence, but any identification is only just on the tip of the tongue. As the detail just outside your visual range that you can identify in colors but rarely in any identifiable detail.

The melancholia that is a part of the present life is like mud. I can live with it. But everything is a bit more demanding. Meeting socially is sadly a hard task. To walk out the door or go to bed are all so difficult. But those haunting words are there “what is the final point?”
But medicine. It does make it possible to fight, though the “energy” is failing sometimes.

Right now it’s especially dificult because of the issues that we are talking about. It is though. Two weeks now, everyday the same issue. It creates this dark feeling that often scares me because of the fear that it will never go away.

My inner world. The creativity that it gives me is so very important right now.

Its not a world where I don’t see reality. But the ability to imagine listening to a song that sooths that moment. Like right now its Kristin Chenoweth perfoming the song, “You’ll never know” . The song’s effect on my is the ability to write about dificult issues and still being able to describe them without getting lost in the even darker sadness that often is attached  to many memories, even good ones.

That is my tip from my experiences so far with rough times that sometimes scares the very soul, its the music and the ability to imagine that it could be different.

Because it really can. But the road ahead is rocky as hell. But still better than the shitmountain i grew up in. It all starts with that first step.

Music and the trust that you have to know your own worth no matter how low you might feel.


Why alternative idealism kill the path to a good mental health

The first time I had a breakthrough in therapy I was overwhelmed by its power on me feeling better, lighter and also that I really believed this was permanent. But in therapy this does over time change because of learning from each turn of the worse. The periods of melancholia or depression can feel like more than the days they last. While the happy days give this high of feeling so great that it makes sense there has to be pain. The lies we tell ourselves in order to make our self-feel better about it.

With most people that feel a need for enlightenment, there is often if not always a history of depression and unresolved emotional traumas. This pain is different from one human to the next, but in common they all make a craving to change to the better.

Though some end up as junkies, this was never the intention of the first hit. Others feel the body getting better after a long run, and others on hunting by shooting.

Then there are those that go one step further than a hobby or those trying to sedate themselves away from the bi-effect of all psychological challenges, pain. Those I’m thinking of are the alternative and religion.

The need for a quick fix is the root of an evil that most would laugh of being called evil. But alternative ideologies and practices are. Because they have a cycle that can’t be broken because, though it gives temporary bliss, the root of the problem is never the main focus and instead is overlooked because the main focus is to gain this state of eternal bliss.

They can go from one belief to another. Or even be doing several different courses at the same time. Since there are many paths to the same goal.

The reason I firmly believe most would have a greater benefit of therapy is the one on one talking sessions where there are no goal in the beginning except talking about everything you feel the need to get out. And then it gets fluid and there is a flow between monologues and discussions with the therapist that can guide you trough the difficult issues and lead you to the understanding of each problem.

Three years on I still am one of those that feel the need to be ten steps further because though I have gotten really used to having a second part listening and knowing everything in my mind, I want to be done.

Before therapy began I tried everything else. Mostly because trough the media they often ridicule therapy, and in the general society the most common relation to therapy is weakness.

So I did Yoga, read every religion, alternative belief and individual philosophy. But still I never changed. They all seemed to say the same thing; “You’re just not trying hard enough. Let go and you shall receive more than you can imagine”

I even went to regression therapy. A type of alternative belief that trough hypnosis you can see your former lives and let go of those traumas that haunt your present life.

The core belief is that the pain in this life is the luggage you took with form the former lives.

Yes I saw many things and believed at one point it was true.

Trough my creativity I was to visualize being an old person dying. Letting go. Feeling how everything went black. And how the regrets where to be the first I felt before this pleasant feeling of going into deep sleep came.

In fact I was relaxed. And the pain in my body that is chronic can under hypnosis or meditation/sleep give a mild sedative effect.

But it all was a construction of my imagination. A very expensive one too.

After the session I did learn an expensive teaching. That I needed therapy in order to get well.

That day was when I finally let go of alternative ways as my way out of depression, and instead let it be what it had always been for me. A curiosity that made my mind wonder.

I still read about Tarot, numerology, asking my magic eight ball. But the difference is that I know that it is I, that I am giving it a power. And now that power is entertainment.

I still have a road left before I’m all better.

I write this not to point finger and trying to make you do what I did, and promising a better life.

But three years of talking in therapy I finally have the feeling of identity. The anxiety level is remarkable lower in general and I’m social! There was a time not long ago this was just a dream that I hoped would maybe happen. While today it’s my reality.

On my fridge there’s photos of good parties just weeks ago, a ticket to a concert a month from now. And they all have one thing in common. I made them happen.

Before therapy I was always looking out and saying “I know I have suffered and I am a victim”

Now it’s changing. The people that bullied me are not bad people anymore but sad memories of the past I now look at as rough challenges, but that I did survive.

I know the feeling of the despair of not seeing the change or movement. Because it takes time. But doesn’t it seem very logical that something that has been in the making in maybe over 20 years will demand more than a weekend seminar?


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