Like an early morning where the sun is still crawling. The humid scent of a new day.
That hope

That warm hug from your grandma at christmas
That feeling

The awakening from a hard period of stress
That emotion

The way melted chocolate fills a white porcelain cup
That softness

Your synthetic being
Is gone by a swallow
Now its in me slowly absolving

Then on its way to make my wellbeing.

The air felt so heavy before the light exhale from
the release of the burden of the pains.

Each own its day they put me in chains.

I was so in love but I knew it was bad
The fight to let go became as big as
The fear of going mad.

I cut you down.
Bits by bits
Then one was left
This I took as my own.

Never will we dispand.
Your strenght I take cherish of.
But just as never be opened to those who does not understand

I shame by reality
Yet trough the rhymes
Here it all is