“Frederick” His secretary – Agnethe – never used his first name while him in meetings if not due to a technical difficulty. They were many of possibilities with grave consequenses. He uttered some encouraging words and used a small white lie saying it had to do with the party later on. That made them laugh.
Agnethe installed a wireless earpiece. This was all practised each year. Just in case.
“Good morning sir. Whe have a intruder that has reach our airspace. There were no tracking abilities. It seems to be stealth.”
Frederick replied “Can you see it? Any signature on the design?”
“I’m sorry sir. Thats the issue. It’s reflective.”
“On top then?”
“Both sides Sir.”
Jeffrey from the techincal unit of the administration level was on their line “We have a rendering finished. It’s uploaded on your piece. This message is sent to the rest of the Aircraft unit also. It is reflective but of some reason chose to watermark the reflective coating with a family signia”
Let me guess. It’s Rodenbauhm?”
“Yes Sir”
No worry. Its my sister. Unfortunatly. And I though the meeting would be the hard thing this life.