Why I love american recipes has to do with fullness in taste. I love a creamy round flavour. Unsalted butter. Lean chicken and Philadelphia.
Keeping a good body means to me that food has to be good everyday. Diet is hard. So you need good reasons to please your ego in the dicipline task og keeping a balance on what you eat.

Sweet potatoes are different than regular ones. They are abundant on Potassium. That we humans need alot more of todat. Did you know that if you have a stressful reaction or a strong emotional. Your storage on important minerals and chemicals in your body gets drained. And this is now a daily experience for most people in a more subconcious way.
With high levels of Vitamin A you can feel better about getting closer to  meeting the quota of mineral and vitamin needs.

I read alot about health. Trying to learn enough to get to the point of being able to take the pieces together and finally understand what good health actually is. And we humans often lack important nutrients to our health. Making it that much harder on the immunesystem.

We eat food that often is foreign to the bacteriaflora in our digestion system. And this put the body under stress. The gut is our second brain. Thin sheets of neurons cover our bowels completely and acts just like the brain. But instead has the task of keeping our digestion running opimtal.
If this is under stress. It will affect our health.

So we need to keep the intake optimal where it’s realitistic to do so.

I mash the potatoes with parmesan, unsalted butter, pinches of pepper and salt. Very nice flavour. I use the blender. This makes it possible to make daily. It has to be easy!

The skin gets softer and has this warm red tint that makes me feel more fresh. The Beta-Carotene is definently abundant in  the Sweet potato. As the colour of root shows.

I strongly recommend using it as a base for caserolle dinners. If you combine it with chickpeas and lentils. This will lead to more proteins and feeling really full after dinner. In a good way.

My diet consist of products that isn’t recommended to use if you have IBS. However my experience is different. However the plant versions of dairy products are not that bad. Just really difficult to buy if your monthly income makes it a challenge.

In conclusion. Its healthy and very tasty. This makes it easier to cook tssty but healthy food from the bottom up. Less salt. Fresh ingredients. This makes our health stronger. And I believe that is the core to a better mind too!