Its not that I don’t feel empathy to those who suffer around the world. Rather it is the constant amount of crisis that demand our attention. Each equally as important.

The fact is that humans are by nature sympathetic! And this can be seen in donations to the greater organizations down to the local ones in your own hometown.

All we can do is try our best by selecting those we feel like we can help the most through giving money donations or engage in the political/practical work that is needed to keep the projects going

Still. It feels like everyone demand more of us. More caring, and more money.

In the aftermath of the horrific Tsunami in 2004. The whole world reacted with action. Trough organizations like Red cross, had because of this the possibility to help the affected countries in both temporary homes and the rebuilding process that followed.

Back then the criticism was actually on the countries. UN general Jan Egeland described the countries as “stingy”. However after this it became a PR case. And money followed.

Still. Trough media we are bombarded with messages that are created with the intention to make us feel bad.

By nature we humans also instinctively need to be aware of any hint of danger. However these instinct became a part of our DNA back in the stone age when the danger of a mountain lion attacking actually was a factor to keep in mind.
Today this fear is stimulated by media foremost. And thus constant danger, keeps us listening. Not knowing this means we are slaves of fear.

There is always room for improvement. But how is this even possible if there is a new danger before the other one is over?

Actually. Many tragedies out there, loose the attention after a month.
If you keep track a situation such as the Gaza crisis. A continuous tense situation accelerated in the end of july this year.
We got so much information from both sides. Always opposing facts where the reader has to decide upon just picking a side. THEN suddenly it went away from any news outlet.
Because the information was exhausted. And at that point it was more of a debate of which side was the reason to why it happened.
In other words. The fear was gone. And so it was not needed to keep track for the subconscious.

Fear sell commercial spots..

I wish that the tactic of fear would have been used for more fruitful work to make the world improved.