As the years go by. It’s often quite dificult to capture the same spirit of christmas eve as a kid
What most don’t know is that long ago memories have been a tad “polished” . Yes they were great, but alot of details that at that time seemed unimportant, such as bad parts or just not relevant to remember are not a part of what we can remember.
Just like the bad memories have been altered to not be combined with elements that might make you wonder if it really was that bad. If the past was all bad or had some god, or even great moments.

It’s hard to have them both. Especially in a holiday soo sweet and kind as Christmas really is.

The fact is. Your traditions has to be yours. From the ground.

To base them on the past will only be a reanacctement where the kids might get the glimpse of the christmas spirit, but rarely the adult.

Why shouldn’t it be a celebration for both.

As we grow there are new interest that can be combined with these new traditons. Maybe a very nice wine that on that one day is the only of the kind you will drink all year of the type. Maybe a very nice beer that makes you happy.
There are non alcoholic options too.

With food there are so many possibilities. A nice salmon mousse, chocolate mousse with a tad of cognac.

Use the searchengines to find these great recipes.

Christmas has nothing to do with money. Well some. But with your own tradition. Longterm thinking about a christmas just as your dreams one year in the time ahead. Will make evert christmas between very special.
And when the dream becomes a reality. Then every object you fill christmas with is each as special. Because now they are apart of a tradition and a family you yourself created.

It took me four years to get to the point where it gives me the joys I wanted as a kid. Where the room smells beautiful, The tree is filled with unique objects so very beautiful. From the last years to decades ago.

Two years ago we had a very comfortable income compared to before and We decided to buy a giant Santa Clause. Its about 90 cm high. I love the guy. Very classical.

Now only the great day is yet to come. The food preparation is getting done.

Because the last ingredient to a wonderfull celebration is the food.

Don’t focuse on the cakes. But make the dinner something that will last trough the evening. A turkey is a great option. It can be made into soup or sandwiches the days after.

So have a merry christmas. And remeber it’s just as much yours as anyone else.